The ultimate reservations system for your restaurant

Flexible and Feature Rich

Our reservation system is a best-of-breed system. It is highly configurable and gives you complete control over all aspects of the reservation process. We also give you various different views of your reservations to give you great visibility over the day ahead.

TablePath Reservations

Lowering No-Shows and Late Cancellations

We employ various methods to help you reduce your no-shows and late cancellations including automated reservation reminders, credit card reservations, pre-pay reservations and simple cancellations.

Automatic Reservation Reminders

Tired of No-Shows? Pre-Pay to the rescue!

If there are particular days of the week that are very busy but you're still getting no-shows and late cancellations, then maybe pre-pay reservations are for you. This functionality allows you specify a particular day or date as a pre-pay time, which gets your customer to pre-pay for some or all of their reservation. It can also be a great solution if you're looking to run a ticketed event in your restaurant.

TablePath Pre-Pay Reservation

Customisable Reservations Page

We give you the ability to request any kind of information from your customers before they make their reservation. Information might include allergies, possible celebration, seating preference or choice of menu. All this information feeds through to your reservations portal so you have all your customer requests at your fingertips.

Custom Reservation Fields

Real-time Updates

Your reservations portal displays all reservation information in real-time. If a customer changes their time, number of guests, request information or cancels their reservation, you'll be updated in milliseconds. There's no need to keep refreshing your page to see how many have booked and if you have any cancellations.

Real-time Updates

Comprehensive Auditing

We give you complete visibility over everything that happens to a reservation. What time it was made, where it came from (web/SMS/phone), when it was cancelled and by whom, as well as any edit that was made. This gives you a complete view over the lifetime of the reservation.

Reservation Auditing

Verified Reviews

We give you the ability to automatically request a review from your customers after they have visited your restaurant. Get verified feedback from customers you know have spent time in your restaurant and give yourself the opportunity to address customers concerns before they reach public forums like TripAdvisor and Yelp.

TablePath Verified Reviews

Table Configuration

Not only do we give you the ability to set specific table combinations, we also allocate customers to these tables in a best-fit scenario. Our system will allocate customers to give you the highest yield for your restaurant on any given day. At the start of your day, the system will give you instructions as to how the restaurant needs to be configured, given the table combinations that have been allocated to customers.

Table Configuration

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