Unparalleled Ability To Market Your Restaurant

Multi-Channel Promotions

We give you the ability to promote your restaurant through various channels including Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on your own website. Messages to each channel can be highly tailored to include names (where applicable), images, videos and call-to-action buttons. It is the ultimate tool for spreading the word about your restaurant.

TablePath Marketing

Focused Email and SMS

You can be very specific about exactly who receives your email or SMS messages. This allows you to send tailored messages to your customers instead of bombarding everyone with the same message.

Filtering Recipients

Automated Promotions

Only have a small pocket of time for marketing your restaurant? If so, our automated marketing is for you. We give you the ability to send messages on specific days of the week and/or time of the day as well as automating promotions based on user data. You could automate a "We Miss You" email for customers who haven't been into your restaurant in a while. Or you could automate a "Happy Birthday" email for customers who have a birthday this month. You're only limited by your imagination!

Automated Promotions

In-Depth Analytics

Once a promotion message has been sent, we track how well that promotion does no matter where it's sent. We give you visibility on whether your goals were met, how many reservations were made via that promotion, as well as how many people unsubscribed as a result of the promotion. Being able to view promotion metrics is an essential part of effective marketing.

Promotion Analytics

Emails Designed For All Devices

Getting an email to display correctly in all email clients is a very tricky thing to do. Thankfully, we've gone through that pain so you don't have to! So whenever you send an email promotion, you can be assured that the person getting the email will get a perfectly displayed email.

Emails For All Devices


Our competitions functionality is a great way to further build up your customer database while offering your customers great prizes. No longer will you run great competitions on Facebook or Twitter and have no real information about who's entering.

TablePath Competitions


Another great marketing tool for restaurants that drives increased footfall is discounts. We now include the ability to market discounts to your customers and track that discount all the way from promotion channel to your reservations portal.


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