Forecasting & Analytics

Using Artificial Intelligence to help you plan better

Looking Into The Future

We use artificial intelligence to give you a view on future demand. We bring together a huge amount of data and then apply advanced machine learning algorithms to accurately predict your covers for the next 7 days. Want to know in advance how many staff members to roster or if a promotion needs to be run? We've got the answer.

TablePath Forecasting

Sending Promotions Before It's Too Late

Our forecasting algorithms will give you visibility on how the next 7 days are shaping up. This allows you sufficient time to market those quiet periods and keep profits up.

Sending Promotion From Forecast

Detailed Analytics

We provide in-depth analytics about all aspects of your business including reservations, customers, promotions and e-commerce. You gain insight into areas that previously weren't visible if you had a paper reservation book.

TablePath Analytics

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